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About OMR Interiors

There might be a million reasons to explore the world outside, but it is in the comfort of our homes, we experience the true meaning of love, happiness and satisfaction. The average person spends most of his life’s time indoors.That is why a building cannot just be a shelter, it is something much more than the ‘place’ or the ‘space’ it constitutes.

OMR interiors was founded on the very idea that every building or house should reflect the lives of the people who inhabit it. Established in 2012, we have evolved as one of the leading Interior decoration firms in Chennai with an excellent reputation for bringing home the designs that mirror our customer’s distinctive style and persona. Taking on both residential and commercial projects, our excellence lies in identifying the exact needs of our clients. Transforming forms into functionality. Designs into statement. Delivering meticulous details that not only impress, but interact. Every nook and corner is personalized and furnished with a professional finesse that will amaze your guests.

Keeping up with the constantly transforming aesthetics of the industry, we also structure our plans in accordance with the economical framework of the client, thus ensuring a holistic vision for our interior solutions. Be it an office space or a living space, our team aims to present a smart, chic and fashionable outlook that complements the client’s context and preference.

Our Services

An extensive range of services that can adapt to suit your requirements.

living room

Living Room

Elegantly layered living rooms with a meticulous arrangement of furniture, TV set and other supplementing decors.



Our bathrooms carry a modern vibe and masterfully utilize tiles, sleek sinks and patterned shower walls.



Balancing grandeur and coziness, our bedrooms provide a relaxed atmosphere within a lavish surrounding.


Office Spaces

Coherent, well-planned office spaces that contribute to productivity while being confidently stylistic.



Trendy, practical and pleasant, our kitchens efficiently use space and accessory units to create the ideal cooking arena.

dedicated interior

Dedicated Interior

All-inclusive interior design solutions. Customized interior solutions that cater to the exact needs of our customers.


Our Projects


Projects Planned